8th Faith Exposure 2016


The 8th Faith Exposure program organized by Guwahati Arch Diocese was held from 18th – 23rd, January 2016 at Tamulpur parish under Arch Diocese of Guwahati. Fifteen fma postulants and seventeen Junior Sisters along with their assistants and two touring Sisters Sr. Puspala Sangma and Sr. Alma Murum participated. On 18th after the inaugural function, the participants were made into 40 groups of 12 – 13 members composed of diverse language groups and tribes. Competent persons in the field of evangelization shared their past and present experiences. Every day the participants set out in groups to different villages after the instruction from Most Rev. Emeritus Thomas Menamparambil present diocesan administrator of Jowai diocese.

The participants benefited much through this program. Besides deepening their faith, they became more aware of the demands of the church and its mission, their responsibilities towards God and humanity in the Church and learnt the expectations and concerns of the church.

Coming together facilitated to know each other, learn from each other and helped them to broaden their vision of mission. It also made them to realize the effectiveness of net-working with all, for the common mission according to one’s Charism. The input sessions given by the experienced missionaries in the mission of evangelization, encouraged and motivated the participants in the work of evangelization.

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