Flood Relief – LFS Dibrugarh

It is very aptly said “I learned to give not because I have much but because I know exactly how it feels to have nothing’. Helping others in their times of need is the greatest gift of Humanity. Little Flower Hr. Sec. School undertook this noble gesture to help the flood affected victims of Bahmari village, Lejaai Dibrugarh. Under the guidance and support of our Principal Sr. Tessy Davis, the teachers, parents and students as well as the past pupils joint hands towards this noble cause. The LFS family distributed packaged items to around 200 households in the village.

Flood relief 2019 (Items distributed)

  1. Rice – 7kg
  2. Dall – 2kg
  3. Mustad Oil- I litter
  4. Sugar -1kg
  5. Salt – 1kg
  6. Cheera ½ kg.
  7. Haldi powder
  8. Biscuits
  9. Mosquito net
  10. Mosquito coils 1 packet
  11. Sanitary pads
  12. Soaps
  13. Drinking water
  14. Maggie Family packs
  15. Milk packets
  16. Dettol
  17. Cotton
  18. Fruits

The distribution of the items was done at Sankar Madhan Prathanik Namghar, a social space where the crowd gathered under the supervision of the Headman. A total of 20 students (including 6 High School Captains, 14 Hr. Sec. 2nd year students) accompanied by our Principal and teachers distributed the items. The whole village gathered at the venue to receive aid as well as to offer their blessings.


The Children were enthusiastic and felt privileged and ennobled in bringing a smile to their suffering brethren.

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