Welcome to 2020 – God has blessed us with the gift of New Year 2020 with Mary, the Mother of God, who accompanied the journey of the apostles and our journey towards GC XXIV,of our Congregation which has its theme, “Do whatever he tells you” (Jn 2:5).  Communities that generate life in the heart of contemporaneity

As the congregation celebrates its 150th anniversary of the foundation of our Institute that rose in Mornese on August 5, 1872 it is the heart’s need to thank God for the marvelous holiness and of grace that have happened in our history up to now.  At the same time, it is an appeal to decisively renew our fidelity to Jesus and our missionary daring so that our Religious Family may continue to be in the Church and in the World, as a sign of love and hope for many young people. We understand how significant and fruitful it is in the three years that prepare us for this jubilee, to make a journey together of discernment, of prayer, of vital renewal and of share joy.  Certainly new energies of life and vocational fruitfulness will come to the Institute. The theme was introduced to all the members of the congregation and it called everyone to have a serious reflection and study on the consecrated life and mission among the young, poor and the fragile people, migrants, women and girls in need, where everyone can find attention, care, affection and the chance to look to the future with hope.

We can all, at times, have dreams many dreams in our life. If we were in the world we may think of how can I become rich and famous?  Or if I had great power in this world or if I were an Engineer or Doctor.   But what we can be certain of is that God does have great things in mind for us.  He calls us to a greatness we could never imagine.  One problem that often arises is that, when we begin to sense what God wants of us, we run away and hide.  God’s Divine Will often calls us out of our comfort zone and requires great trust of Him and abandonment to His Holy Will.

In the Strenna 2020, the Rector Major emphasizes that “as a Salesian Family we must be attentive to the great human challenges of our world, such as honesty as people, living as a committed citizenship that seeks the good, making the Church’s social Doctrine present in everyday life, the option for the most disadvantaged, ensure that Christians and our young people are at the service of the people, through the service of politics, special attention to the encyclical Laudato Sì, the focus on climate change and care for Creation and, of course, the firm defense that the Salesian Family must have with regard to human rights and, in particular, the rights of children who tend to be the most fragile. With these approaches we want to propose the two great pillars of Don Bosco’s education and make them current.”

The preventive system is a value-based educational system of Don Bosco.  The ultimate aim of the preventive system was not just to render young people profitable for the economy, but as a method for them to find autonomy in life, becoming”good Christians and honest citizens”.

The preventive system is the unifying educational basis for working with youth and it has proven to be a successful model and inspiration for educators on different continents, in multicultural and multi-religious contexts over the centuries. The core vision is that “for a young person today, being an honest citizen entails promoting the dignity and rights of the individual in all contexts, living with generosity in the family and preparing for family life on the basis of mutual self-giving that fosters solidarity, especially with the poorest. It means developing work skills with honesty and professional competence, promoting justice, peace and the common good in politics, respecting creating and promoting culture”.

Our Constitution Art. 7 speak about in the style of preventive system. We are called to live like the first community of Mornese, we are called to live this patient charity that excuses all trusts all, bears with all and never loses hope.