Recognition Certificate for Excellent Waste Management

The Salesian Sisters, students and staff of Little Flower Hr. Sec. School, Kohima – Nagaland are marching ahead keeping in tune with the world wide movement of saving Mother Earth. Along the way, the school was presented with a certificate for the ethical collection and channelization for recycling of e-waste by Hulladek Recycling Pvt. Ltd. Riding under the banner, “Hungry for Waste”. Hulladek Recycling Pvt. Ltd is currently India’s leading authorized company in e-waste management.

Instead of disposing electronic and electrical wastes in dumpsters, the school authorities took a more responsible approach on how to manage the school’s e-waste. Since discarding electronic devices and appliances irresponsibly can be hazardous to health, the only secure way was to put these scraps into safe hands like Hulladek. Thus, Little Flower Hr. Sec. School received the Certificate of E-Waste Recycling for donating 60 kgs of e-waste on the 18th December, 2019. In their endeavor to fight the global environment issue, the school refused monetary compensation for this simple yet responsible preventive act.

In their quest to inspire and foster the notion of a green and sustainable future, the school introduced the “I Can” movement in the year 2019. With this initiative, the school fraternity and students were educated on the environmental crisis and how to address the bigger picture. As a yearlong project, and continuing to 2020, the “I Can” project made the students more aware of the grave danger ahead of them. In order to spread awareness of the critical environment issue, the students took it upon themselves to move the society by performing various community work such as cleaning public areas and historical places in and around the Kohima District. These gestures by the students gained the media’s attention and many have applauded the school for their commendable work.

Furthermore, “I Can” project introduced in the school gained recognition at a national level and were asked to register with DFC (Design For Change) India. DFC is a global platform where children are driven to change their own communities for the better with the I Can spirit. Design for Change believes that children of today are the stakeholders in the Earth’s future. They seek to help these children to become more sensitive to their surroundings. The collaboration between Little Flower Hr. Sec. School‘s “I Can” project and Design For Change can jumpstart the school’s ambition to build a community of responsible citizens. This can enable the students to bring about a more positive change to their environment. In addition, the school successfully made its campus and locality Plastic Free Zone. The school highlighted the urgency to create a clean environment for the people of Nagaland with this move and introduced cloth bag by NSS (National Service Scheme) Club in the school.

As the new academic session 2020 commences, Little Flower Hr. Sec. School‘s authorities, students and staff are striving to actively participate in more activities which will help create awareness to save our environment, as well as help create a world free of pollution and environmental issues for the generations to come and work along with “Together We Can, Co-create a Common Home” the slogan of FMA India.

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