Season of Creation – Tangla

Pope Francis has rightly said “Let us be protectors of Creation, protectors of God’s plan inscribed in nature, protectors of one another and of the Environment”.
Auxilium Convent, Tangla praises the good Lord, the Creator of all things. We thank God for the beauty of His CREATION. Trees and flowers shout to the Lord. Birds and animals bless the Lord. Mountains and Hills praise the Lord……
Pope Francis says, Pandemic is “A Wake – up call to care for creation. Yes…this pandemic has brought us all together to care more for our Mother Earth. Season of Creation was observed on different days with prayers and actions. Prayers were also animated in the flower garden reflecting on the beauty of its Nature and of God as Creator. The whole community were actively involved in saving our Mother Earth. During prayer moments and while planting plants, awareness was also created in the young girls about the importance of protecting the earth because we are indebted to Mother Nature.
Let us all rejoice together that our loving Creator sustains our humble efforts to care for the earth.

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