Youth Care Programme

Amidst the uncertain situation, God still works in His prophets of the time to fulfill His plans for His little ones whom He looked with love and called . The 24 enthusiastic and promising girls sent by the different communities in the Province came to participate in the Youth Care Programme conducted by the ING Youth coordinator Sr. Lucy Gangmei and the team members Sr. Emilia Chopfohra and Sr. Scholastica Kerketta. The program was scheduled for 17 to 20 March, 2020.

It was held in DBIDL where the team got its full support and encouragement from Fr. C T. Varghese SDB, the Rector, all the Fathers and the Sisters of Auxilium Convent Dimapur and Mazzarello Study Home. Sr. Vsasono Irene, Sr. Salome Gonmei and Sr. Stella Haokip also were there to help out in the animation of the girls.

1st Day: The girls were up by 5:15 and taken for a morning exercise followed by the Holy Mass celebrated by Fr. Salew Peter SDB. The girls were helped to reflect on the four types of vocations in the life of a person and the four different voices that comes to us. The day’s sessions were on “Know Don Bosco” and Discernment and Vocation” animated by Fr. Salew Peter and Sr. Lucy Gangmei respectively. There was also elocution time where the girls were helped to improve their English speaking. Don Bosco Movie was played while the girls went for an individual counseling with the Animators.  The girls greatly appreciated for being helped out and listened to. The day concluded with the Way of the Cross and the preparation for the Quiz on Don Bosco.

2nd Day: The second day brought about many surprises and wonderful experiences for the girls who enjoyed every moment. Mother Mazzarello was made known to the girls in a creative way by Sr. Lucy Gangmei and they were also given a glimpse of “The joy of Consecrated Life” by Sr. Emilia Chopfohra who in her best way helped the girls understand the way of consecrated life lived by FMA.   Mazzarello’s Movie gave a chance for the girls to get the taste of the FMA life. The girls were also given the opportunity to receive the Sacrament of Penance where they made peace with God. Due to the need of the hour the three days’ Program was shortened to two days where the need arose for all to depart for their own homes. The evening was one that of sadness and of gratitude and there were prize distributions, notes of gratitude voiced by the girls who greatly regretted for the sad news received . Nevertheless all were made to accept as coming from God who always plans the best for us. Everyone returned to their respective places safely with the hope that they get good results and come back to join the FMA to work for the young people far and wide.

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